What was the idea behind starting Green Arches?  
We’ve both been involved in brewing and hospitality for years so it was a natural fit, but we were really passionate about bringing a new concept to Manchester. We wanted to create an accessible craft beer bar and brewery that was open to everyone, not just the typical consumer you would expect to see in those types of bars. Women and people from the LGBT community in particular, often don’t feel comfortable in environments like this, so we wanted to create a place for them to feel comfortable and represented.

What made you call Red Bank your home?
Put simply, there were no bars around here! We felt like there was a massive gap in the area for a community hub. We wanted to create somewhere that felt like a local, where you bumped into the same people every week, and mingled with your neighbours, away from the hustle and bustle of town. Were really excited about the future of this area, and wanted to move quick to create a place that the current community felt like they had ownership of, before it attracts new visitors from far and wide.

What was your favourite event to date?
Definitely our Elvis event! The reaction from everyone who attended was incredible, people were even on the phone after the first set urging their mates to come down! The World Cup screening was great too – we made sure it still felt like a safe and inclusive space rather than having a typical ‘sports bar’ vibe – it was great to attract the right crowd and definitely still kept the community feel.

What are both your backgrounds
We’ve both worked in the industry for years in everything from pubs, managing bars at festivals, and even a move to Berlin to learn to brew in Germany! All the incredible experience weve gained over the years has led us to where we are today.

Where do you see Green arches in 5 years time?
We would love to see it expand and grow, maybe making the brewery more client facing and bringing in some more food options. Were excited to see the change at Red Bank, along with our incredible neighbours (The Sparrows) and the likes of Pot Kettle Black moving in across the road, its beginning to feel like the start of a real community.

Finally, what is your favourite beer?
At the moment, id have to say the Pale Ale, however this does change constantly! We are consistently changing the brews on offer as they evolve in the brewing process, using fresh ingredients to alter their taste.
The guys have lots planned in the upcoming months, so make sure you follow them on Instagram @greenarchesmcr to keep up to date. We would recommend their Smart Arches Quiz every Wednesday, where you can win anything from a £50 bar tab to a wooden spoon.