BlackOwned Studios + Marketplace are the latest independent business to join the growing FOUND community.

Set to open their doors in Red Bank this November, they are bringing flexible coworking spaces for Afro-beauty stylists, hosting community events, panels and workshops while also housing a wide retail offering of black owned beauty products.

BlackOwned Studios + Marketplace was born from a deep-rooted commitment to addressing these issues and creating a more inclusive, supportive ecosystem in the beauty industry. 

With only 0.7% of 45,000 salons across the UK catering towards Afro and textured hair, the hair industry has suffered from a lack of diversity and inclusion. Founder and CEO Efia Mainoo said ‘ “BlackOwned Studios + Marketplace is more than just a business – it’s a movement. Our mission is to empower, inspire, and celebrate the beauty of Black beauty, by uplifting stylists and fostering connections between all members of the beauty industry.”

Jake Scott-Thrale, Asset Manager at FEC, said: “The ethos of FOUND has always been to create inclusive and accessible spaces where the local community can come together to network, socialise, and be creative. We’re really excited to partner with BlackOwned Studios + Marketplace in the next leg of this journey.

The launch of BlackOwned Studios + Marketplace marks a turning point in the beauty community’s journey toward diversity, inclusion, and genuine representation. By providing a much-needed platform for Black beauty entrepreneurs and consumers, the initiative is set to make waves that extend far beyond the industry itself.

How exciting is all this! We’re looking forward to welcoming this exciting new addition to the FOUND neighbourhood. Want to keep up to date with all things happening around Victoria North? Sign up to our newsletter.